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Our Background & What We Do:

A Reputation For
Telling It Like It Is

Moneywise is fast approaching its 50th anniversary (trading as Owen Morton & Associates from 1972 to 1990). Moneywise enjoys and is protective of a reputation for “telling it like it is”. We are a boutique provider of financial service to a small cohort of clients. We have a focus on the financial needs of small business owners and investors in pension funds, pre and post retirement. The ARF market is a core activity and specialty. Moneywise also holds the Revenue-appointed Pensioneer Trustee status and offers Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes to a small number of customers.

Our Service Package

Our service package includes periodic reviews at mutually agreed and remunerated intervals. Some clients are happy with an annual report; others seek monthly updates. Ireland operates a high taxation regime in the asset accumulation; tax planning is central to all interactions. The two current executive directors, Alan & Richard Morton, have almost 40 years’ experience of managing personal, company and pension monies with the company. We are committed to best of corporate and social responsible practices and donate generously each year to various charities. We are unashamedly a “lifestyle” business. We are not about maximising profits and building up the value of the business for a future disposal.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment approach tends to be conservative. In our experience, the fear of losing money is a stronger impulse than achieving large profits. We are not convinced that recent moves to Multi Asset Funds based on a short risk profile questionnaire will serve investors well over time. A patient and disciplined approach to investing is central. To borrow from a former UK Prime Minister, our investment philosophy can be summed up in three words: “Diversification, Diversification and Diversification”. We promote investing in asset appropriate to the timeframe involved, always keeping in mind the occasional potential for asset price bubbles. We tend to favour passive investments as opposed to active. The earliest timeframe for investment is 5 years. Otherwise monies should stay on deposit, even if rates are close to zero. Moneywise turned away significant new lump-sum investment business in 2017 due to unfavourable taxation and market conditions; and continues to do so into the present day.

Why Trust Us?

A Financial Service Provider With A Difference!

We offer full transparency on coats and seek to provide, and be seen to provide, value for money. In an industry not well established at timeliness, this is a big part of what we are about. In short, we come back to your queries and service requirements in a timely manner. Honesty in all of your dealings with the company is a given. Trust can only grow over time; and our promise to act with integrity in every aspect of the business tends to generate trust quicker than might be expected.


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